Supporting your child with reading

What can I do to support my child with reading?

– Read aloud to your child regularly.  Shared reading of a text, for instance, where they read a page and then you read a page can make the task less arduous. Praise and encourage whenever possible.

– When faced with a word that your child does not recognise, support them to break it down in to its sounds or its syllables so it is more manageable. Having a sound chart to support, for instance, for free from can help with the recognition and reinforcement of the sounds.

– When they have sounded out through the word, support them to blend the sounds together.   Visit the following Read Write Inc page to find out how to recognise and pronounce the sounds in words:

– Children with dyslexia can have difficulty with left-right directionality. Model running your finger underneath each word left to right and encourage your child to do the same.

– Discuss the text to develop reading comprehension skills, for instance, ask them about their favourite character or section of the text. Encourage them to make predictions about what they think will happen next .

– Encourage your child to select books they are interested to read, for instance, by visiting your local library and taking part in reading challenges. See the ‘Blog’ page for book suggestions for reluctant male readers.

reading adult and child

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