Dyslexia Assessments

Rebecca is able to offer professional dyslexia assessments for young people aged 7-11.

Full professional diagnostic dyslexia assessment

A full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia is a thorough assessment which will typically test the following skills:

Word Reading, Reading Comprehension, Reading Speed, Spelling, Extended Writing, Verbal and Visual Intelligence, Memory, Phonological and Processing skills and Handwriting Speed and Letter Formation.

The assessment report will include all of the scores as well as a wealth of strategies which are directly linked to the areas of need. This will help the school to then put a plan in action to address those needs.

The cost of a full diagnostic assessment is £300 (Chiddingfold) plus a small travel cost (if travelling to your home/your child’s school). Payment plans can be arranged to spread the cost over separate months.

November update – Next availability is January 2020 unless we have already been in contact.

Other assessments

If you require a different sort of assessment, please get in contact and a quote will be sent.

Surrey Dyslexia Assessments