How can we engage struggling male readers?

boy reading book

Older children who are having difficulty with reading can benefit from what is termed “high interest, low vocabulary” (hi/lo) books. These are books which provide support for developing readers, such as carefully chosen vocabulary and simple sentences, but have compelling stories and characters that interest the reader. The most effective hi/lo materials provide these supports invisibly, so that students are not stigmatized by reading a “baby book.”

An excellent article by Rog and Kropp explains in more detail about these types of books and why they are effective (see link below)

The following links are for series of books designed to appeal to the interests of older children but with accessible texts.

1) Dark Man Series (Interest age – Teenage – Young adult      Reading age 5-8 years)

2) Trailblazers series (Interest age 8-14     Reading age 6-7 years )

3) Download (Interest age – 9-14+       Reading age 6-7 years)

4) Barrington Stokes           Offers books for a range of interest and reading ages.

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